Married: Mike & Allison

Everything about Mike and Allison's wedding was amazing and unique! First of all...they didn't really tell people they were getting married. Both having been a part of many friends' and family members' larger weddings, they decided to go the complete opposite direction and have a very intimate, family-only wedding event. The ceremony was held at the gorgeous, historical Tallmadge Church, followed by a fancy dinner at Fedeli.

Staying with the non-traditional theme, Mike & Allison chose to see each other before the wedding and even ride together to the church. From a photographer's perspective, this is a dream, because it allows for plenty of time for photos of the couple together! A lot of couples have to schedule a separate bridal session or a Trash The Dress session to get all the shots we were able to get with Mike & Allison.

Some other unique things? They never technically got engaged...they just basically began planning the wedding because they both knew they had found "the one". No wedding cake...just amazingly fabulous and fancy desserts at Fedeli. They didn't have a bridal party, but were surrounded by their families and began the wedding by sitting in the front pew of the church in between both sets of parents. They were married by Mike's childhood best friend who is now an ordained pastor in Illinois. He gave a wonderful challenge to everyone in attendance. The wedding was on Thanksgiving Eve...a Wednesday. This was their one year anniversary of meeting each other and they've said they'll celebrate their anniversary every year on Thanksgiving Eve, no matter what date it falls on. They ended their perfect day by showing up to the annual Thanksgiving Eve party Mike throws for all of his close friends. He had his roommate take care of all the arrangements and he and Allison just showed up at the party about an hour after everyone else. Still dressed in their tux and wedding gown, they walked through the door and announced "We got married!". I think everyone was in shock because it was all kept under wraps, but it was a happy celebration and everybody was excited for them!

It was a beautiful event, and Tim and I were blessed to be a part of it! Mike & Allison...thank you for allowing us to document this special day for you.