Baby Hayden

In the past year, I've spent a lot of time looking at other photographer's blogs and I've always noticed that so many of them posted their entries at insane hours of the night. I swore that would never be me, because I value my sleep too much! I must admit...I am now beginning to understand how it happens. For instance, I took my first glance of the following newborn pictures around 11pm tonight, when I should have been going to bed, and I was oooh-ing and aaa-hing so much, I had to start editing right away and get some of these up!! How sweet is this little child? 7 days old...pleasant...beautiful...peaceful...loved. This is the sweet little boy from Lindsey...I did 2 blogs a while back about her with 5 month and 7 month belly photos. Enjoy a little peek at some of my favorites!

hayden rsz







Amy Lilley Designs said...

LOVE the black and white shots and especially the wedding rings on toes pic...you see, it just happens...suddenly you find yourself on-line @ ALL hours of the night!!!!...he's one gorgeous 7 day old....

CandiMandi said...

Hey I just checked out your new website! Love the music and your photos are great!
And I mussst tell you that I think it is amazing that your HUSBAND has an Etsy and it rocks! :)

BK said...

He's way cute! I'm assuming I'm "Uncle Bryan" but haven't talked to Lindsey since he was born. We've both been pretty hectic. Anyway, very cute pictures. I'm going to have to call her on my way home! Keep in touch and thanks for the nice words! We do have the same site :)

Deb DiSalvo said...

OMG - I LOVE your photos! The one with the newborn with the wedding rings - priceless!!! Found out you just came aboard etsy too - very cool. You have amazing work!
Cheers, Deb