Grand Rapids Landscape Photography

I was recently commissioned to do some landscape photography for a dermatology office here in Grand Rapids. The office just moved to a new location, and the doctors wanted a new look to go with the new venue. I had a complete blast taking these photos, and I'm thrilled to say that my clients were extremely happy with the results. They ended up ordering 16 of my photos in gallery wrapped canvases in sizes ranging from 18x24 through 30x40. They are also ordering a few more and one of them is going to be 40 x 90! That will definitely be the largest photo I've ever ordered! Scroll down to enjoy a small sampling of the photos that are now hanging in the most cheery dermatology office ever. :)


Deb DiSalvo said...

WOW - gorgeous! I love the colors in the tulips picture and also the picture with the buidlings reflected on the water. You're an amazing photographer! Have a great day.

Kari said...

Awesome girl as usual!! I love them! I am just sad you are leaving!! Keep in touch! Kari